After getting to know him, it’s quite clear that Baton Rouge resident Todd Shupe has hand-crafted a life that’s designed to help others. Whether he’s volunteering with Christian ministries, blogging to enlighten and encourage others or developing advanced wood science practices with LSU, Todd Shupe is a man of extensive knowledge. Best of all, he’s constantly willing to impart said knowledge and skill sets upon those who are ready and willing to listen. With that in mind, we’d like you to learn a little bit more about this man whose reputation precedes him in both the science and religion fields.

While previously with LSU, Todd Shupe was a professor, lab director and quality manager of a testing lab. Those two decades, from 1994 to 2014, were rewarding in both the professional and personal sense. That’s because he accomplished the development and implementation of a quality management system that met lab testing competence requirements. This achievement meant that his LSU lab was highly regarded to conduct mechanical, physical and chemical tests for wood products and quickly developed a reputation for fast and accurate work at reasonable prices. The end-goal for Shupe and his team of scientists that he supervised was to provide the necessary data for companies to bring new wood preservatives, wood-based composites, fasteners, bio-based spray foam insulation, and other building materials to market.  “Todd directed a quality academic testing lab with an industrial sense of urgency,” Mike Freeman, a consultant from Memphis, Tennessee, said recently of Shupe’s accomplishments.

However, Todd Shupe’s LSU accomplishments and three wood science-related degrees are but one part of the whole picture. That’s because his devotion to faith has delivered him to various volunteer and outreach positions. Those roles include a volunteer with Grace Camp, where he teaches the children of incarcerated parents how to fish, volunteer with Open Air Ministries, where he assists with church services for the homeless in a downtown Baton Rouge parking lot as well as volunteer with Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine, where he volunteers with business operations and writes about men’s ministry opportunities for the free magazine. Todd Shupe is especially proud of his efforts in United Methodist Men and Gulf South Men which are both based in Baton Rouge, La. Both ministries help equip men to be Christ-like servants at home, church, and work. After learning about the effort he’s put forward, it’s clear that Todd Shupe is working tirelessly to improve the lives and world around him. How many of us can say that?